Somethings about rustic tiles in China tiles manufacturer

        I have been in ceramics tiles industry in Foshan for several years.Some time i am curious about what is the "Rustic"tiles.Casue i face a lot of clients ,they always said they were looking for the rustic tile.So what is the Rustic tiles?

        Nornally i think "Rustic" is a kind of style,a retro style.And actually rustic tiles originated in Europe glazed tiles,they were introduced by the Taiwan businessman to mainland(China).European use to call "Rustic" tiles mean tiles with glaed.But "Rusitc"translate into Chinese mean:rural、ruggedly、plain and so on.Here refer to the tiles color and appearance reflect return to nature's style.Wherever rustic tiles are used ,its always present this feeling,that is the charm of rustic tiles.

       Rusitc tiles have a variety of series,like wooden tiles,stone like tiles,polished glazed tiles.Of course there are some tiles specifically called rustic tiles.In the industry,polished tiles have been popular for a very long time,now it still hot sales in the tiles market.Although rustic tiles market has been concerned about these years,its has very big potential.Rustic tiles has its uniqueness,when new design come out and hit the market.This rustic tiles will become fashion,and has a lot factories will follow to produce.Whether in business value or ornamental,rustic tiles have a huge advantage than polished tiles.

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