China Home B2B guarantees

We have three guarantees for our members: product quality guarantee, fund security guarantee, after-sales service guarantee. The most valuable asset of platform is reputation. Clients buy things in Amazon because they believe the reputation of Amazon platform and hence they dont worry about buying shoddy goods. Likewise, we value our reputation of platform. Therefore, we set some requirements for ourselves. Firstly, product quality requirement: ensure that all the products on the platform should be qualified with certificate of qualification. Secondly,  fund security requirement: ensure that every transaction fund should be 100% safe. Thirdly, after-sales service requirement: ensure that each transaction of all members has a person responsible for the following service and that any problems from our members should be resolved timely. 

PDF catelogue of China building material like porcelain tile,2cm thick tile,ceramic tile,sanitary ware,doors,sofa,hardware and so on for wholesale

China Home B2B built by Lola ceramics.

Lola ceramics,founded in 1993,one of Chinese huge tile factory.

Lola supply porcelain tiles,ceramic tiles,stone like tiles,polished tiles,2cm thick tiles,full glazed polished tiles and so on.

FOB foshan.

Quality promised price competitive.

Size: 300*300,600*600,400*400,200*1200,150*900,600*1200,800*800,900*900

China Home B2B also cooperate with sanitary ware,basin,doors,cabinet,decks,faucet,furniture,bed,door,light factory.

For example,sanitary ware from Chaozhou,China.

Some tiles from morbi,India.

Our design from Spain,Italy,United States and Australia.