Price advantage for building material purchaser in China

It is possible for you to get the floor price from Chinese manufacturer when you purchase a large quantity for a certain material. But I know that some-while you may also need other materials and in such case, you may not get the floor price for a small quantity. Our platform offers you a wide range of building materials, such as tiles, sanitary equipment, hardware, timber floor, furniture, stone, wooden door, curtain and so on, covering more than 5000 products. No matter how many you want for one particular type of product or several types, the offer that we give to our member is always the floor price. So, join our membership, we we will satisfy your needs of other small quantities for other types products and help you to widen your profitable business. Relative to go around the whole China to purchase different materials, you can buy all just in our platform, no need to spend your time and money on the way to purchase. Moreover, you don’t bother to keep a stock. You just let your client to choose the product on our platform and then you place the order. Our website is a B2B platform and only allow our members to purchase, which can protect your rights and interests effectively.

PDF catelogue of China building material like porcelain tile,2cm thick tile,ceramic tile,sanitary ware,doors,sofa,hardware and so on for wholesale

China Home B2B built by Lola ceramics.

Lola ceramics,founded in 1993,one of Chinese huge tile factory.

Lola supply porcelain tiles,ceramic tiles,stone like tiles,polished tiles,2cm thick tiles,full glazed polished tiles and so on.

FOB foshan.

Quality promised price competitive.

Size: 300*300,600*600,400*400,200*1200,150*900,600*1200,800*800,900*900

China Home B2B also cooperate with sanitary ware,basin,doors,cabinet,decks,faucet,furniture,bed,door,light factory.

For example,sanitary ware from Chaozhou,China.

Some tiles from morbi,India.

Our design from Spain,Italy,United States and Australia.